Extraordinary Dining Experiences

Curating creative, considered, sustainable, farm-to-table, SUBLIMELY DELICIOUS unusual events, pop-ups, launches & dining experiences. From event inception to final execution, culinary creativity from the rustic to the refined, always with ethical sustainability and the good of the planet as top priorities, while providing dining experiences which are designed to be veritable feast for all of the senses.

Photo by @SevaJagat


Private Cheffing, Event Catering, Holiday & Villa, Travel Chef

Elegant, colourful, engaging, fun food, designed to be a feast to the senses. Plated, family-style, buffet service, passed canapés or smorgasbords & stations for all occasions. Plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, Keto, and many other specific dietary requirements happily catered.

Photos used courtesy of New Standards Institute


Elegant, colourful, engaging food, designed to be a feast to the senses.


Keynote Speaker, Conference, Event & Festival Panelist

Speaking on topics such as food, food waste, food activism, high vibrational nutrition, eating to raise the consciousness, sustainability, how to enjoy eating while considering the natural environment and reducing our carbon footprint, eating with the planet in mind, addressing world hunger, body positivism, the new meaning of true holistic beauty.

Photos used courtesy of RaMa TV and RaMa Festival


Facilitator Chef for Retreats

Facilitating yoga, meditation, cleansing and alternative healing events, as well as creating extremely health conscious, plant-based, nutritionally dense, high-vibrational, energetically elevated: juices, smoothies and food-as-medicine for cleanses & retreats. Kundalini Yoga teacher-in-training/ student of Tej of Nine Treasures, and Guru Jagat, Harijiwan and Gurujas of RaMa Institute of Applied Yogic Knowledge Science & Technology.


Creating health-conscious, plant-based, nutritionally-dense, high-vibrational, energetically-elevated food-as-medicine.


Recipe Creation & Development

Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil & Espresso Cake with Toasted Macademia Nuts, models own.

Grain-free & Dairy-free, Plant-based & Vegan, Keto & Paleo, Whole-food & Whole 30. All dietary requirements considered.

As tasted at one of our exclusive pop-up bakeries.


Menu Creation & Consultation

Creation and consultation of menus of all descriptions, especially plant-based or where sustainability or the overall good of the planet is concerned.

Menu for The Graces dinner, Malibu, California, June, 2018

Artwork by Jamelia Starwater @1111enterprises for @ramainstitue