What’s Cooking?

Hello! I’m Chef Amanda Grace.

I create considered, healing, high-vibrational fine food and extraordinary dining experiences all over the world. Have knives, will travel.

I consult on menus and develop recipes, while being mindful of effects on the planet, sustainability, and reducing climate impact. 

I am also am a writer and activist, and a keynote and panel speaker on all things food related.

I have been cooking professionally for eleven years, and discovered my love for food at a young age. I recall eating fresh fruit from mulberry and citrus trees during long summer days in Florida, savouring the unforgettable flavour of the homegrown produce in my parent’s garden, and through a passion for travel and discovering the food of diverse cultures. When I was 16, I had the opportunity to live on an organic raspberry farm in Northern California, which turned me on to farm-to-table, healthy living and eating.

I have been based in Los Angeles since 2016 and have spent the past years working as a private chef for individuals, events and international programs. The past year I have been cooking for several hundred kundalini yogis, as part of a global women’s program called Immense Grace, curated by bestselling author and teacher, Guru Jagat & her RaMa Institute of Applied Yogic Science & Technology. I love to focus my knowledge and talents on helping people to heal with food -as- medicine.

Previous to LA, I lived in London for over half my life and this year returned there to complete a master’s degree in journalism. I am based primarily in Los Angeles but love to travel and always happy to hop on a plane to anywhere exotic.

I founded the baking & fine-foods business, Gracie Gourmet, in my hometown in Florida. My unique, sustainable, artisanal, modern creations became known for being organic, locally-sourced, and free-from (free-from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, GMOs, pesticides, or artificial ingredients, all un-bleached, un-enriched & un-bromated) as well as being decadent, delicious and entirely natural.

When I was 17, I went to London for a week, fell in love with that amazing city and ended up staying. In London, I was the creator of Midnight Steakout. Midnight Steakout started life as a small pop-up dinner for friends, and friends of friends, on my roof garden. I cooked dinners of ethically sourced steak on the BBQ, vegetables that I grew in the garden, followed by my homemade cakes. Midnight Steakout snowballed into a series of ‘food raves’, huge sit-down dinners and all-night parties, for up to 172 people, held in various, secret, industrial spaces.

The food of the many countries I have visited has influenced my cooking by giving me a greater understanding of spice and a taste for the exotic. The cuisines of Japan, Thailand, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Iran, England and California are among some of my favourites. I am happy to now be able to bring the experience of my travels to your table.

Through sharing my cooking, I hope to raise awareness of the social and political issues surrounding food. I am passionate about sustainability, reducing food waste, overcoming food poverty, farm-to-table, and agricultural diversification. I envision a food system where everyone has access to fresh, nutritious, delicious and sustainable food. To further support this vision, I founded the social enterprise Food Chariot, which has hosted pop-up dinners, bakeries, soup kitchens and dining activism events.

I am dedicated to the use of sustainable produce, prepared simply, in an act of reverence to mother nature and to enhance the natural beauty of the food, to bring pleasure to the senses and increased vitality to the eater.

I hold a BA Humanities & English Literature from the University of London. This year, I will graduate from Goldsmiths College, University of London, with an MA in Digital Journalism. I have been studying and cooking professionally for the past eleven years.